My new moon intentions….and dreams

new moon

Image by Pascal o/ via Flickr

English: Giant Stinging Trees - Wingham Brush ...

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New Moon Setting
Image by Avital Pinnick via Flickr

I want to lie in your arms…….in the physical before two more new moons….I have been dreaming in your arms for over 65 years….come on lets get with the programme

I want to languish in laughter before the spring break.

I want to be celebrating your birthday….for many many years to come.

Oh, dear, was I dreaming…

Okay, the real intentions for this new moon….to not judge or critize any one or anything for 24 hours….lets see how many days it  will take before I can get in 24 hours of that.

Be of service in silence………….oh, yeah like that one will be easy.   I live alone so……

Work on my book for July 20th release….have the pages numbered. 

Make arrangements for the family to have play dates here when the weather breaks….

Start walking in the wind…it will blow the cobwebs away and get my heart smarter.

Give thanks for all the blessings of this new moon and all the new moons to come.

Be more appreciative to each

and every one in my life….

you are a gift….

I love you.

2 thoughts on “My new moon intentions….and dreams

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