Time for Letting Go and Letting God…with artistry of Colin Hall

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“Daddy, I will miss you. It is time for you to go My tears they are for happy . I just want you to know.

I see the angels coming.They want you to be in peace I release you now my Daddy. My love for you will not cease. “

Then, the little girl bowed her head.

“If you miss me too much Daddy,  as I am going to miss your touch…just send for me my darling Daddy. I won’t want to stay here long. I love you, oh so much.

Then she opened her eyes …watched as the angels took him home. She loved him. She forgave him. She did not want to be alone. She knew he had stayed too long.

 Then she thought she  could hear him singing with the angel’s throng. “If, heaven’s not my Home Oh Lord, what will I do.”

How would her family move on?  How could she be there for them , when she could hardly be there for herself?

There was no mystery. She had to do what she had to do. Stay clean and sober. Go to meetings. Work on the steps. Talk with other addicts. Deal with it with her sponsor. Talk it over with the Creator. 

The grief would linger for many a year. She wanted to be with him. She shed many a tear. She wanted the pain to end. But she waited and she prayed. Till her Higher Power gave her sweet release. Then she knew, as her Father had done, a sweet surrender…a blessed peace…a the setting of the sun. 




5 thoughts on “Time for Letting Go and Letting God…with artistry of Colin Hall

  1. ~tears my friend, tears~ heling is rough and needed Thank you for this post it helped. Blessings to you.-Ashleigh

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