I love you sweet Soul with visual artist Colin Hall

993748_515  CH 1235I love you.

Not only

for the beautiful Soul

you are,


I love you

for showing me

the beauty

in a moment of laughter,

when all I want

to do is cry

scream and kick and fuss…

because you are away,

again…and again…

1469897_517979288300810_78784646_n (1)chthere is no time for us. 

I really would like

to spend a lifetime

with you that was not

full of good byes,

until soons,

and until next time…

I want a lifetime

just simply to love you…

a lifetime together

for a change…

for a chance

of growing

old together.


The Journey….revisited.

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The Journey

January 22, 2008 by greatpoetrymhf | Edit

I knew in a moment,

it just had to be true

There was more to life

than just me and you.

What was the meaning?

How would I know?

Did this life have a purpose?

I had to find out.
Who would I ask?

 Where would I go?

Was there someone

who knew how it flowed?

I looked in a bottle.

I looked in the drug.

All that I felt then was that I was a slug.

My Journey took me

at a break neck speed.
Not words of caution,

no one, did I heed.
The highways,

the byways,

the “wages of sin”:
They all called to me.

They all lured me in.

I knew then

that I would spiral down.

I hit the bottom.

There was no prize, no crown.

I was at my lowest.

There was nowhere to go.

I thought “What the hell, I could always pray.”

Did not know if God existed.

Where could He be?

What would I say?

In that moment,

I surrendered I said (on my knees)

God if you exist…

“God, if you’re listening…

I need help please.”

There was no crash

of  lightening

 no thunder roar.

A still small Voice said,


to the Shore.


for My Hand.

I will teach

you more.

You are my precious Child

I welcome you Home.

You can release the addiction.

Just bow your head.

Believe that this Journey

has brought you to Me.

You have been

looking searching,

You just couldn’t see

 I created you.

I loved you more.

I was always within you.

Your hunger,

your thirst

was always for Me.”

I was crying

and laughing .

I was set free

It just couldn’t be.

There was Someone who loved me

I had searched by the hour.
He had always been there…
It was my Higher Power.
((So, if on your Journey
You need to find rest
Take a look for the 12 Steps,
“Recovery” its called
You will truly be blessed)).

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