Dedicated to you, Fariborz…..

Centuries old Banyan tree spread on many acres...

Beloved brother,

I will always be around

the corner from the Mahanta`s love…

in your pocket,

in the laughter of a memory,

in the unexpected smile of the sunlight,

in the coolness of a breeze,

in the wafting on the air of lilacs……

I am here


for you in more ways

than your heart can hold……

all ways and always beloved….

my sweet Son of my heart….

For the Son of my heart.....

“Smiling, Rebazar Tarzs  said,  `We have all met before.    Centuries ago under a banyan tree ye all sat listening to my words.  In many lands, here in this earth world and in the beyond we have been together, and shall always be together in thy long journey to reach God`s eternal goal.  

           Paul Twitchell, Stranger by the River, page 67-68