What will you do?

Hurricane Flame
Image by Smitten with Kittens via Flickr
Hurricane lamp
Image by char1iej via Flickr
Lantern Flame
Image by gothick_matt via Flickr

What will you do

with the talent

you are given?

Will you share it?

Will you hold it?

Will you hide it

While trying

to make a living?

What if the only reason

That you are on the earth

Is to share this gift?

Do you know

what  it is worth?

It is the broken part

when the light

shines through…

It is this


talent given

only to you.

Do not hide it.

Do not deride it.

Share it with love.

It was given to you

to make your

home up above.

Until you

share that talent.

Until you

share your voice.

Your life

will lack its lustre.

Your life,

your talent,

your choice!!!


Loners on the Trail….

The listener walks alone
She who walks alone is listening

She who walks alone….carries others in her heart.

She shows them all the music, the place they can part.

Part with all the burdens, that keep them bound to earth.

Part with all worries, join in the laughter and the mirth.

She who walks alone….carries tears in buckets to the river of life.

The river flows, giving, nuturing, tending to the needs of all along the river.

She who walks alone, sings songs into the wind.

Songs that gladden many a heart, teaches them they can win.

They too can walk alone.

Walk the narrow way.

Go with in your very heart….

Within your path you’ll stay.

There is no one who knows the reason for her song.

She just sings it.

All ways and always.

The tears they come along.

The mix of joy and sorrow balance out her day….

She who walks alone…places you carefully within her heart…

Within her heart you can stay.

Come and sit by the fireside.

Come and drink from the well.

She who walks alone….listens to the stories you tell.

That is where she gets her paintings,

That is where she gets her song…

It is in your joys and struggles…

She is glad you came along.

The gate to the garden is open.

There is fire in the grate.

There is always time to listen….

She who walks alone will not make you wait.

She who walks alone is grandmother to all.

Under the funnel

A rattlesnake on the Wild Oak Trail
Image via Wikipedia

I am standing

under the funnel

of blessings…


is healing,




Laying in the moonlight

as it wains away

I am filled

with love for service

just for one more day.

I may live my  life moment by moment

…..but I pay my rent by the month…

my dues in service …

and my choices in the consequences.

A woman full of love walked in the forest.

She met a snake who appeared to be dying frozen in the cold.

She lovingly bent down, sheltered the snake in her warm coat.

She carried the snake to the hearth….built a fire.

While warming the milk for her guest…a poisionious snake….she sang a song of love.

With the song on her lips, warm love in her heart, she offered the milk to the snake.

In gratitude, the snake bit her.

“Why, did you do that, after all the love I gave you?” she cried as she was dying.

The snake slithered close to her….crying its snake tears….

“You knew what I was, when you picked me up.”

I may live my  life moment by moment

…..but I pay my rent by the month…

my dues in service …

and my choices in the consequences.