Questions on Friday

‘Pride of Bolivia’ flowering tree in Australia
Image by Tatters:) via Flickr

The winter sky at night through trees and clouds.

Gum tree & footpath to Baldwin
Image by Ben.Millett via Flickr

What is the blessing

you need today?

What is the gift

you are giving away?

What is the purpose

for your life on earth?

Are you here for the games,

the laughter, the girth?

What is your calling?

How can you serve?

What evidence would there be

that you had contributed all you can?

Should you life end without a plan?

There are questions a plenty….perhaps a hundred or more

That you want to be asking yourself…

Before you go to that far distant shore.

What was the gift that I was sent here to give?

What was my talent…that I came here to live?

Who was the one I was meant to touch?

What was my purpose?

What could it mean?

Will I go to my death-bed wondering 

“What could I have been?”


How have I served

In the Sun
Image by fs999 via Flickr
Image by eyewash via Flickr
The Masters Gaze - ( by Loving Earth via Flickr
Love for Arts
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It is after 4 PM  

The sunset is in less than 45 minutes.  

What have I done today

in the sunlight to serve you.  

What have I done with

the Sunlight of the Spirit

to serve life.

Have I given love

Have I helped another

 on their way toward you

Have I been of service

Have I given love

Have I listened

to another share their story

How have I

served you today

It is not my business

to know how , who and why

I have helped another Soul.

It is my business to love.

It is my life.

It is my golden contract.