Second to none (with translation SANS PAREIL Translation by Fernand Mikanga )

Ammonite Fossil

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Ammolite ammonite, from the Rocky Mountains of...
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A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo...

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This moment is like a wee gem

in a gravel pile:

well worth the dig,

precious find

shining into forever.

When the sunlight of the spirit,

shines on this moment,

it radiates throughout my being,

loving me like never.

I cannot hide the facets of joy

as they glisten in the sun.

I know that in this moment,

my joy cannot be undone.

SANS PAREIL   Translation by Fernand Mikanga

Cet instant est comme un petit bijou
Dans un tas de gravier
Valant la peine d’être creusé
Précieuse trouvaille
Brillant à l’intérieur pour toujours

Quand les rayons solaires de l’esprit
Resplendissent sur cet instant
Il rayonne dans tout mon être
M’aimant comme jamais auparavant

Je ne peux pas cacher les facettes de la joie
Comme elles scintillent au soleil
Je sais qu’en ce moment
Ma joie ne peut être défaite


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Having an inkling,

 following it home

gives you the knowledges

you came here to roam.

The pleasures of life will distract from your view

 the honest, the forthright, the things that are true

the things you came here to learn.  

Once you have left the scene of the fire

do not return

you will only get burned.

Step back  from the  trauma,

the drama and games

focus on the inner

there are worlds to gain. 

The seeds have been planted

You have done all you could do

The rest is up to spirit

Time for yourself to re-new. 

Mountain woman

niagra falls, canada

The tears she had cried

for centuries were now a giant waterfall.

The crevices on her face

forming sport for climbers.

The gouges in her eyes were now

a quiet respite from the storm.

The painwas now so visable

time could not erase.

Now she was a mountain.

Standing upward in the sun.

The cracks and crevices had stood the test of time…

Flowers now grew in their place.

Her learning had begun.

One day climbed on top of her, hiking now alone…

She had a chance to claim him for herself….

Make his heart her own.

Would she provide a soft landing when the wind began to blow.

Would she allow him to conquer her once more.

Would he ever really know?

Castle Mountain, Alberta, Canada

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Shelter from the storm

Sun setting on the NPS Friendship at North Cov...

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English: Port Phillip Heads. Ebb Tide. Clipper...

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Messe en mer
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“Batten down the hatches, the wind is going to blow.”

These words are so familiar to the seafolk where’er you go.

There are strugglers, there are seekers, who cannot take another wind.

There are waiting ones, who are watching, they all know where you’ve been.

There is never a night so weary.

There is never a road too long.

There is never a heart that cannot not be mended

When listening to love’s sweet song.

Come home, dear seeker.

Come out of the wind.

Come to the arms of the beloved.

You will find his arms within.

There is never a night so weary.

There is never a road too long.

There is never a heart that cannot not be mended

When listening to love’s sweet song.

Face into the wind

English: Abandoned Railroad Tracks

The struggle ahead of you

is not as great as the power behind you.

Get a move on.

Get your groove on.

Dear heart

Face into the wind.

Own your own Journey.

Pay the price.

Free yourself.

Come home.


where people love you.

Where we understand.

We can show you how to love your self.

We will lend a helping hand.

img_0570We  will help you make a plan.

 We cannot make the Journey for you.

We have Journey’s of our own.

When you are done the struggle…

There is a place for you at home.  

Come warm your hands by the fire

Two "blocks" of wood crossed over on...

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Time to come home

to sit by the fire.

Step out of the wind

out of  the storm.

Come warm your hands 

Drink in the serenity.

Haven’t you had enough harm?

Step out of the wind

 into the light

Of a blazing warming fire.

Time to come home to safety

to sit by the fire

Are you not tired of living by charm?

There is always someone caring

That you are struggling in your fight.

When you are ready to surrender to win…

come home to the fireside

That is burning within.

Beloved seeker

buffeted  in the wind…

Come warm your hands by the fire.

Fulfilling Soul’s true desire. 

Yes you can

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

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Hubble - infant galaxy

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English: This artist’s impression shows a youn...
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You can be that published author.

You can be that shining star.

You can be all that you can dream of.

In fact you already are.

You can be the famous dancer…

Composer of the song.

Soul has within It all these gifts and more.

We only need to get along.

We only need to get along with one another.

We only need to go within.

We only need to find the quiet place.

Stop taking things on the chin.

Soul has within It all these gifts and more.

To find the quiet,



knowing  place

You can quietly go within.

Find your truth.


the dreams of youth.

Starting now you can begin. 

Creator of all Knows

Willow Tree Figures

Image by Jennuine Captures via Flickr

 Creator of all knows

just how I feel.

How to make my life

a living thing

My Love more real.

Creator of all , sees, just who I am 

What to do to make my life

Within the golden contract`s plan.

Creator of all  knows

just how I feel

how to make my life

a living thing

My love more real.