Gift of sleep

sleeping deer buck

Orenburg regional museum of finearts

Image via Wikipedia

Koala sleeping on a tree top
Image via Wikipedia

The gift of sleep,

quiet, soothing peaceful sleep….

was never mine until now.

I could fall asleep easily

but would be awake

within three hours.

Now, I sleep when he sleeps.

 I sleep deep, long dreams of peaceful places

Dreams of  the magic that they keep.

Now, I sleep when he goes to work

again deep sleep full of graces.

What a miracle this new sleep doeth peruse…

Refreshed, pain free, my spiritual walk I can renew.

I never understood

when others talked of being in the flow.

My sleeping time is now

 a peaceful long flowing river to which I go.

I am quieter.

 I  have more time

to think things through….this I know.

I am joyful with this new gift of spirit.

So  soon,  after a long walk in the sunlight 

sleep will again  be mine,

I can almost hear it.

Soothing, beckoning,

healing sleep.

There are wondrous worlds to keep.

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