Open letter to Amanda dedicated to Useman Ibrahim

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Dear heart,

beloved of the beloved,


I am so happy you have such a loving husband.

Do  you know how he struggles,

to provide for your every need,

 to be always there for you,

to be gentle,

 loving and supportive of you.

Can you imagine how you  comfort him

when he comes home at the end of the day

with just your voice.

He says you do and you can.

How blessed you are among women…

to be loved

by such a wonderful caring and spirit filled  man.

I ran into him in the marketplace.

He was excited about coming home.

I told him….

Dont worry….she is waiting for you.

She always has been.

She always will.

I am blessed to make your acquaintance….

Amanda, beloved of the beloved.

Enjoy your life together.

The love you share spills over to all you both  meet.

It is a blessing.

A man such as

your husband is a treasure.

He is a humble servant

of the Creator of All.

He is dedicated to serving

the Creator by loving and protecting you.

I close off this letter to you dear heart.

I know you will be there waiting.

I know you will do your part.

Kindly do not hesitate

If I can be of service.

If I can help in anyway….

if I can share some of my wisdom

through my experience strength and hope.

To be support to you….While he is away. 

Signed with respect

The woman at the gate.


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