Ah, the snow falls.

Don't eat rainbow snow

Image by jah~ down but not out via Flickr


Image by amortize via Flickr

Image by Dave.Miles via Flickr

Amidst the stirring of Soul

With the inner healings

New learnings, new awareness

much excitement with the wee ones.

There comes the quiet moment of surrender.

Complete total body shut down to listen.

Warm blanket, book in hand, soft music…inner melodies.

All of the miracles, the blessings, the struggles culminate in this moment of love. 

Then the outer affirmation…

The snow falls.

Huge gentle flakes caress Mother Earth.

A quiet peacefulness settles within.

All is right in the winter wonderland.

All is right in the inner waking dream.

All will be well.

The family will be together soon.

The travelers are knowing .

They are all  coming home.

Where there is love and it is snowing.

The inner icicles….now melt away.

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