One by guest author Taha Soltany

There is a deep part of you that has been hidden from you for a long time 
A part that loves and accepts you the way you are
Sometimes you hear his voice in the melody of your favorite song
Sometimes you feel him in the touch of a loved one
Or see him in the eyes of a child
He doesn’t judge or condemn you for your actions
His message is not of separateness or duality
If you ever have the chance to talk to him in a direct way you will see
His love has always been guiding you throughout your life
All he ever wants is to bring you back to your own beauty and wholeness
To your ultimate grace, love and creativity
He is there for you when you cry, dance, shout, burp or even fart
He has been through all you are experiencing
And will always be with you

We have called him many names :
God, Inner master, Mahanta, collective unconscious and he even has been hidden in all kinds of archetypes:
Mother Earth, Father Sky/Sun, Grand mother moon, wise old man/woman, christ, buddha, angels, messengers, teachers, spirit animals and so on.

Now it is the time for us to go back to this part of ourselves and bring back the love and guidance for each other
Now it is time for us to coma back to the source

I send my love and blessing to all of you, my brothers and sisters on earth
And all the sky brothers and sisters

May the blessings be


Round Guest author Taha Soltany

Fibonacci Spiral
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Image by SteveR- via Flickr

  • All is round, 
    Round enough to get lost 
    Round enough to lose 
    and be found


    All is sane 
    Sane enough to see 
    Sane enough to be
    All is one 
    One is round 
    Meet me in the dream hall