HU in a seed


 is a spiritual word I use in my life

to express love to God.

(to find out more for yourself see

It is my chosen path. 

Anyone has the opportunity to sing that word.

Share  that  love with others.

You do not need to change your religion to sing that word.

It is simply a love song to God.

 It works for me when I focus on it and actually use it in my life.

I also have acupuncture sessions.

The therapist leaves wee seeds at pressure

points for me to press periodically

throughout the day for as long as the seeds

 stay in place with a tiny adhesive

Today I compared the two.

If I do not sing the HU and follow the teachings of my chosen path

…..nothing happens to help me grow.

The same with the seed placed by the therapist.

  If I do not press them to stimulate the areas

 that need to grow and heal   nothing happens.

This wee sharing with you is a gift of love for today.

It does not rhyme.

It is informative for me.

I trust that whatever your chosen path

or discipline you follow to allow

 love in your life

 is used and appreciated.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

I see love in this moment in the HU in a seed.

 HU-a love song to God

I think I will be more mindful

of using and embracing these two things in my day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this wee offering.

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