Woman at the gate

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I am the woman at the gate

I watch as they ride away

with the treasured lady’s colors

on their swords.

They stop at the gate

for my love and blessing.

No one ever asks


I stand at the gate.

I took up my post as an infant child

With my Mother who stood at the gate.

When the other

duties called to her

She left me here


with one word


I have stood here all my life.

I have seen them ride away.

I have seen them not ride back.

Those who returned honoured me 

By stopping and sharing a moment 

Fresh off the trail, the trap line, the crusade.

They ride on.

No one asks me why I wait.

I will share with you my  humble tale.

When I sleep by my fire here at the gate

He ‘who is on his way’ comes to my fire

Warms his hand while he  rests for a while

Leaving me with one word,



Just one more dance – dedicated to Doran Walker for his birthday

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An acorn grown on an oak tree.
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over obstacles.

Creating solutions

along the way.

Planting seeds and acorns

where once a burn out forest stood.

Helping the fellow traveler

by checking under the hood.

Helping Souls in critter suits and 

 the birds adorned with feathers

To keep vigil on their journey

as they help us to know whether…

We can make the climb

To learn the lesson 

One more time.

Although we make

upward journey 

As we climb

each mountain peak

seemingly alone….

we are making pathways 

up the Mountain of God

approaching wisdoms’ trail.

Learning  how to bring

that love and knowledge

back to old, and homeless

who long to kiss the holy grail.

We will sit around the campfires

Telling our stories of the journey

Listening to the seekers

Who although they have done their best

Will be travelling in our pockets 

When we make another quest.

That is the beauty.

There is the romance.

To not only seek for our selves

because we must

But sharing with the others

who have given us

the support and love and trust.

Shall we dance

to the rhythm of the Wind

one more dance?