Kisses on the wind

Mountain - Alaska's Denali
Image by blmiers2 via Flickr
Wood-burning fireplace with burning log.
Image via Wikipedia
Image by condour via Flickr

There are moments

in the storms of life

When all is calm,

the snow is sparkling,

the cabin fire lit.

There is a peaceful security

when the snow piles up to the window

When the chores are done for the day.

That is when the Spirit

comes with sacred words to say. 

That is when Spirit

sends inner  kisses on the wind.

This calming peaceful serenity 

Reminds you of your home

Deep within the Mountains of God.

The places you love to roam. 

There is love

to guide your footsteps.

There are knowledges

to remember

that they  teach.

There are the fellow travelers

who walk within your reach

There are the inner travelers

who instruct listen and recommend.

They do not govern

all your steps

they teach you as a friend.

Then when you are ready

another traveler or seeker on the path

Will come into your life,

by seminar, by facebook, by song, 

skype or photograph.

You know them by their voice.

You know them by their laugh.

You know them by the light

that shines within.

They have walked with you

in lifetimes perhaps in days of yore.

The special kind of friendships

where you have often walked before.

They share the love of the Master.

They, too,  walk on holy ground.

They share their love and laughter

and sing the blessing sound.

They share the lessons they are learning

Perhaps to spare you strife

These are special Souls

who decorate your life.

One word, one painting,

one moment of their time

Can give your life

an extra boost

your poetry a rhyme.

How blessed I am

on a winter’s night

To receive and give

the wonderous blessings.

The kisses on the wind

From the friends who have the Light. 

They fill my night with laughter,

secret smiles and silly grins.

They are a gift from the Master 

They are bridges across forever

They are a blessings in my life

They are the outer

 kisses on the wind. 


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