under a vast blue sky…with Colin Hall’s artwork

1422580_514160645349341_85022863_nunder a vast blue sky…

There was a handsome prince who loved his princess so very much.

He told the wizard he would like to love this princess in her present beautiful form in  another life.

The wizard, told him to be very certain that this would a very important decision and might cause him pain and loneliness…until he found her, and that it might be many lifetimes hence.

The young handsome prince said many times over in his life that would be his wish…..to love his princess again….no matter how many lifetimes away it would be.

On his deathbed, he asked the wizard how will I find her….

The wizard told him she would always be with him in spirit.

The handsome,  now old prince,  said he understood but when would he know she was going to be in the form of a woman again.

In the lifetime, that you will find her in the form of a woman again, you will have exhausted your search, your body will ache and long for her.  When you give up your search…..she will be hiding in your heart and appear in the form of a woman again.

The prince did not know how many lifetimes he would live looking for the love he shared with his princess.

One lifetime, he did everything he could to distract himself and dedicate himself to his quest.  He studied everything, he listened to every kind of music, scoured art galleries, operas and theatres.  One evening, he decided to go to the internet and search for her there.

Oh, no it cannot be.  I am certain she is the one…my princess.  In his disbelief, he took steps to walk toward her.  He did not care how far he needed to travel.  He had to know.  Was it true? Was this his princess?

Finally one day, he sought out a friend.  He shared with the woman the story about his princess and his quest to find her.

The woman who listened to him, never doubted his quest.

She understood his need to know.

She shared a similar story and told the prince that now she was about to give up as years had taken their toll and it was too difficult to keep looking.  She was now old and feeble.  

The prince said, you know what, we could probably help one another.   We will save money on the travel and both of us will have a better chance to find the beloved that they seek  than one person on their own. They also admitted they could be good company one for the other.

So it was agreed, they traveled, near and far.

One night on the darkest night of winter, they took refuge from the blizzard in a cabin.  Upon entering they found a trapper ill in bed with fever.  The trapper invited them to stay in exchange for helping him to break his fever and wait out the storm.

One night, when the woman was spoon-feeding the trapper, she told him of their story to sooth his mind and take his attention off his worries.  The trapper, looked into the eyes of the old woman.  He told her it might be his fever but everyday she nursed him she appeared younger and rested.   Her eyes welled up with tears.  She was frightened the trapper knew her secret.  She thought he might guess she was the princess whose heart belonged to the prince.  Now, she needed to make a decision, would she run to hide the secret and protect the prince?  Would she stay and help the trapper heal? 

In the night, she arose and tended the fire and nursed the trapper.  She gave love even when it meant her secret might not be safe.

A few weeks later, the trapper was well enough to fend for himself.  He found his guest crying in the woodshed.  He ran to find the prince. 

Come quickly.  Do as I say. Do not ask any questions.  1377112_489829587782447_1912038413_n

The prince followed the trapper back to the woodshed where they saw the woman crying.  They stood in silence.  As her tears flowed down her face..down her neck, bodice, arms and loins…flowing down to her legs and feet….skin and wrinkles fell away.  Revealed in all her youthful glory was the princess.  

She had given unconditional love to both the prince and the trapper.  Her reward was the transformation. 

The prince had given her friendship, understanding and companionship.  His reward was her love.

The moral of the story:  You never know behind whose eyes the beloved is hiding. 


13 thoughts on “under a vast blue sky…with Colin Hall’s artwork

    1. Dear Heart Randall, Think we should talk….I am smiling because as a play writer I saw it as a play…you saw it as a book and my beloved saw it as a past life recall. Whatever form it takes the language is simple because it has been gifted…..Thank you for your vision…your encouragement and please advise should you truly be interested in the collaboration I have the time, the inspiration but would enjoy your gifts as a writer and fine tuned instrument of Spirit..

  1. There are really unlimited possibilities on what to do with this story. As you said, a play, an adventure book, or what have you.

    It was once upon a time in the Land of Yore at the time of Yore, at least that is where it always seems to begin in every good story that is told.

    In the great palace within the city gates there was such handsome and brave prince dressed in white satin. He was very wise and fair to all his subjects as the story is told. He had a princess who was so beautiful that all of the people in the kingdom adored her so strongly. The prince so powerfully loved his princess that it was an everlasting love for all eternity. This love was so strong that one lifetime just could not possible hold it all.

  2. I will try to help as much as I can. Although there will be holes in my time, such as over Thanksgiving I will be gone from 20th to 29th and such stuff.

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