From the heart

A blue rose for all of you :)
Image by Sirkku :) via Flickr
blue rose
Image by Madeleine_ via Flickr
Blue roses...
Image by {platinum} via Flickr

I arise with an extra hour

Of rest and deep slumber.

After viewing all the colours

in the dream state

The outer world appears frozen

in greys and greens of the winter trees

Decorated with whites and umber. 

I dedicate this day of love

To all who upon the Journey

Are looking for the peace I found

While laying on a gurney.

Life can sometimes give a gift

That is not perceived that way

But as you journey on you will find

That was the turning point.

That was the moment when

You can hear Soul say:


I will follow you

from my heart”


The Creator of all

Love’s own true gentle Master. 

For me it was what

appeared to be a disaster.

I was broken and alone.

(Remembering it now

 my heart beats faster).

I was in a prison cell.

I was crying inwardly 

Saying God

If you exist

Please please help me.

When gentle voice

Spoke my name

Told me 

“All will be well“

Then a woman came

She asked of me with voice stern and gruff.

“What are you doing with your life”

I asked her  (In street language that was tough)

“Who wants to know”

She said

`”I do.”

I asked her in now

not very polite language at all

“‘And who the hell are you”

She smiled and said

“Come find me.”

She walked with me in the dream state

For weeks and months thereafter.

She guided me with gentle hands,

tough love and laughter.

Until I trusted her enough

For her to show me the  Master.

It was he who told me in the night

“All will be well”

Everything will turn out all right.

She and I were seated in a garden 

On marble bench

The smell of gardenia, magnolias and roses

Wafted over me on an inner breeze

With the  colors of the garden

putting  me more at ease.

She said she thought

that it was time for  me

to be guided by another.

Hells bells I thought to my self

she has been such a loving mother. 

I do not trust men overmuch

and she knew I deeply meant it.

“You can trust this Master.

I do and he has never deceived me

nor left me discontented.“

We arose from the marble bench.

I was kicking at the stones.

I walked with great fear 

The garden path had a circle

With a similar marble bench on the other side.

I took her hand as I gazed at him.

My joy I could not hide.

He smiled

said some words that soothed Soul.

Those words are mine alone.

Tears were streaming down my face.

I knew I was home.

Oh how I wanted to run from him

Thinking I was not worthy.

That I was not deserving.

That my whole life had been a disgrace.

But his gaze held me in its grasp

His love it was not swerving. 

I knew his voice

I knew his love

this love was so pure and overwhelming

That as I relate this event to you 

Many many years later

I am back there in that moment

Gazing at the Master

Having his Love re-new me

As  It  pours over and through me, 

My whole physical body  now is trembling.

With the love, the joy of the remembering.

My spirit he made whole. 

When I left that prision

I had one thing on my mind

To never ever go back on my word

To meet that woman and the Master find.

Not just in the dream state.

I needed to know that they were real.

I need to know that they love they gave

Was as true as I could feel.

That was the turning point for me

To have the inner knowing

That his words were true

He had sent the woman

Whose presence was always glowing. 

I called her the old boot 

For she was insistent and gruff

She was loving and kind

She knew her stuff.

She had said come find me.

Years later on the physical

At a seminar in Atlanta

That very wish was granted. 

So dear heart

When you are disenchanted

Feeling lonely, broken and blue…

Keep going within 

Follow that path

Find the Master of your life

His love will see you through.

From the heart.


20 thoughts on “From the heart

      1. I am Truly Blessed that my humble expression,Dear Heart gives you encouragement.
        The words of expression come easy when the glimpse you see is only a piece of the heart opening and revealing itself,not talent.
        You praise me well although I feel unworthy of your deep esoteric understanding and warm spiritual love.

      2. No worries dear heart, the heart opens and the who and why are the gifts of the Master. Thank you for being a sparkling loving golden heart in my life……..anytime you are ready for more let me know Also have been thinking perhaps you are ready for your own blog. go to The instructions on starting your blog are all there. The law of economy makes the blog at no cost to you. Until soon.

  1. wow! What an exotic journey down memory lane. Thanx 4 sharing dearie. I still wonder,’who is the woman?’

    1. Thank you sweet Sister for your friendship, love and support. Indeed anything I send you is for sharing. I have private posts here on my blog that no one will see until the book. Again, thanks

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