Soul knows the words

Feathers and flute
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Quill etc
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When your kindness overflows

I have no reply

Heaven knows.

I write,  because when  I could not  speak, 

My communicated skills were weak.

Then I asked in contemplation

How I could tell you 

What I want you to know

But holding you close

Or letting you go?

I take the risk, 

Now, my beloved friend

To thank you for your kind words

Your faithful friendship

Your deep deep love

I have no words to thank you.

Spirit does.

Soul does.

Love does.

Danke schoen.

Merci beaucoup.

Thank you dear heart. 


Love – Guest author – Albert Foxall

Two candles in love. The flame is inverted hea...
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Selfless,silent strings

of melodious caring
My love plays from her

heart to me everyday,

Sharing my cup

and my heart,

a circuit complete.
We are one yet two

but three in one.
Love,that stabilizing

force that completes
Us both.
No distance ever

separates us except
When We allow our passions

to request measurements
With artificial instruments

for measuring space.
Beyond time,

beyond this space,

We remain
Pure,beyond belief.

Steps of the Temple

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Cleaning my wee temple.

Step by step.

Blessing all those who will come.

Blessing all who leave.

The stairs may seem a mundane thing.

They remind me

I have a home.

Not just the wee temple

stairs I am scrubbing.

But the inner temple of my being

Where through life the truth I am seeing.

Where I must clean

each step of all the stairways

Not just every other day

Not just once a week

But moment by moment

Keeping the clutter and idle chatter gone

So I can focus on the love as I gaze upon:

All the marvels

All the blessings

All the gifts

All the miracles

Of simply being alive

in a free country

With free speech

Freedom to worship

Freedom to ignore

Freedom to scrub

my wee temple.

 Now, the inner temple

Step by step

That is what my life is for.

The Gratitude attitude.




Lead to dedication

As I scrub the steps. 

With love.