It is almost time


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It is almost time,

for the fever to break.

It is almost time,

for the beauty to break through

It is almost time,

for the warmth

of the Sunlight of the Spirit

to shine on my face

Oh, dear God,

I am learning

from the lesson this time

…thanks for your grace.

It is almost time,

for surrender’s sweet song

To fill Soul

and move the bodies along…..

Oh, thank you God, 

It is almost time.

Notes from the Edge….

Living on the Edge - Mountain Goats and Sheep photo credit Sonny Alfredo Galea Sept 2008 Jasper National Park, Canada

There is room enough for learning, loving and living

While residing on the edge….

I do not take up

so much space just my bodies place.

A wedge or three  for slices of my happiness,

my responsibilities,

my dreams and aspirations. 

My wee corner on the edge

is not known to many to others

Just the spiritual travelers,

the Masters,

my Soul sistas

and Soul brothers.

They watch me grow and groan.

They hear me laugh and moan.

I would rather have the struggles

that I face out here on the edge

Than to conform to someone else’s bidding

trying to fit me in their wedge.

I am not denying it was great to be in love.

I just cannot give up my faith.

I will not give up my mission.

Just to have someone hold my hand, 

While I adhere to their conditions.

So, dear hearts,

if  you think that I am struggling

Take a moment to see my smile.

I am building

a winter cabin here on the edge.

This lesson might take a while.

Beloved friends, I wish you well.

Former husbands, lovers and beaus

You have my love and a piece of my heart

But I really had to go.

Out here on the edge …

I follow my quest

To learn, laugh and live….

Most of all to forgive.

While I am here

I am learning, my dear.

I will not settle for second best. 

I love you and all ways

and always will.

 Without my time out here on the edge

I will not be learning

about forgiving

Compassion, understanding,

obedience to my calling.

It would be stifling

pretending to live life with you.

So,  on the edge, is where I am living. 

It is the place where I am fully alive

I learn about the Master’s love

Not merely how to survive.

So dear heart,

I hope this note helps you to understand

I would rather walk alone with my quest not sated..

Than to be with someone who

can not give

me my freedoms.

Someone with whom

I am not appreciated. 

I may die alone out

here on the craggy edge shelf.

But better that, than to be with someone 

That I cannot be myself.

Or where my mission and golden contract were always circumspect.

Where your approval I could never collect.                 

I would rather be alone

with my calling and duty

Than be turned into a useless beauty.

So dear heart, I hope now you know

My friends, my mission and calling

Are more important to me

Than the orders you are bawling.

On the edge is where I am living. 

It is the place where I am fully alive

I learn about the Master’s love

Not merely how to survive.

Blessings to you dear hearts,

beloveds on the wind

Until we are together

on the wings of the Masters love…

I will  be out here living on the edge

where living is always not kind

But there is so much more to do

till I take my home above.