The full moon marriage

purple roses
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Purple roses with drops of water
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Under the self-same full moon there is your lover:

He wonders why

he must linger and languish

each full moon 

Feeling your presence

but somehow doubting himself .

Questioning his sanity he asks in anguish..

“Does she really love me?

Does she know how

I am longing for her

to be here in my arms?

I am just imagining her…..

how is it I know

her eyes and her charms? 

How can it be?

I taste  her lips

and smell her perfume…

Every month on the night of the full moon.

Oh, the essence of her love is filling the room.”

So tonight, he has made a pact

with all the angels and saints

the divas and fairies

the Masters and gurus

“I will sleep with her in my arms….

I will show her of my love.

I will let her know I am real

I am waiting.

I can feel 

Her breath as fall into sleep.”

Across the moon

on the other side of the world

You are sleeping

and dreaming as he comes into

your space.

You snuggle down


into your own

special dreamscape….

With him.

You awaken

with a purple long-stemmed  

crystal  rose in your hand…

And a gold ring on your finger.

He awakens

with a velvet ribbon

tied to a gold ring

in his hand

and no more questions. 

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