Poet groom, warrior bride.

Two Rainbows at Dusk in Denmark.
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rainbow cloud
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Collina d'Oro  , Sunflowerfield and Oak
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Oak and Ash
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Oak Creek Canyon from Wilson Mountain Sedona O...
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My horse, is finally out seeking a filly.

Soul  is full of laughter

My heart gone willy nilly.

My mind gone chasing a rainbow

full of music

who cares if I sound  silly?

The polished suit of amour clanks  noisily to the floor.

The battle-axe is now abandoned. 

The mace, the chain mail

they are gone now

gone forever more.

There are no more battles

no more wars

nor reasons to take up arms. 

There is only the moment of surrender

as I am swept away by your charms.

The fire is lit,

the bath is drawn,

the perfume ready for my hair.

The fatigue of battle will not overtake me nor

the joy of the wedding

of  Soul.

After lifetimes of preparation

I am ready.

This is the moment for which I came to be.

The moment of  the joining of two golden hearts

The moment  for which I came.

I will bear you sons.

I will bear your name. 

I am seated on the floor

with cushions reaching out to the skies. 

I sit with my heart on my sleeve,

my arms on your knees, 

My chin  in my hand.

With my head tilted upward to your eyes.

The peace of the ages

rolls o’er me once more.

The depth of your love is always a surprise. 

I breathe in the love of the ages

I finally understand. 

You are the beloved of the Beloved.

You are the world’s loving man. 

I sing to you the love song

I sang in days of yore.

The song bird sings in the big oak tree

He sings of my love forevermore. 

My eternal love for thee.

I feel so peaceful.

I feel finally at home. 

I need never more roam. 

Curled up at your feet

I feel a presence divine.

I am a queen:

with your mind

my knights in shining armour.

Your manhood my sceptre.

Your smile  my gown.

Your gentle  love my crown. 

I breathe the breath of freedom

Inhaling our love on the far distant shore.

Exhaling the lifetimes of waiting. 

As I am in your arms once more.  

I am a queen:

with your mind

my knights in shining armour.

Your manhood my sceptre.

Your smile  my gown.

Your gentle touch, love,  my crown. 

I feel all this curled up at your feet.

The warrior woman now

fights the greatest battle of her life…

Allowing the divine feminine beauty

(she has suppressed to win the battles)

 To now blossom forth and fill the room…

To embrace here in the silence 

Love’s true divine dear heart

Her beloved  eternal poet groom.