Roses in Love’s Garden

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English: Red roses
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Rosa 'Garden of Roses' Deutsch: Beetrose "...
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I wandered in Loves garden

I found roses along the way  

I found love in all the eyes of the folks I meet

I found the love of the Master in the smiles on the street

I found upon returning home

Reflecting on the Joys of the day

That I needed to wash my face and comb my hair.

In the mirror in my bathroom

I had the greatest surprise of all.

I saw the love of the Master

In the eyes of the person reflected in the Mirror

I saw the Master in my own eyes…..

It was truly a trip into the Roses of Love’s Garden.

I thank you all for being with me through the darkest hour

I thank you for reconnecting me to my Higher Power

I thank you dear hearts, one and all.

You are truly the Master’s roses in my Love garden.


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