The One and Only

The  One I allow to see me.

The One who hears me cry.

The One who always loves me.

The One who never asks why.

The One who walks beside me

When other friends have gone.

The One who can forgive me

For all the things I have done wrong.

The One who lives within me.

The One who fills the void.

The One who  shares my burdens.

The One who is in my dreams.

The One with love and mercy.

The One who understands my schemes.

This One is a loving Master:

who created me to learn,

who loves me and embraces me,

whose love I will not spurn.

My loving Master who guides my many steps

has never left me nor forsaken me

Has never given up on me yet.

This is the One I speak of

When my Journey comes to an end.

This is the One I long for

My Master, my help-mate, my Friend.

This is the One who knows me…

who never fails to understand

This is the One who encourages me

To be bold, adventuresome and always take a stand

To be there for another

Who is standing alone

In search


The One.


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