Stranger by the River The Philosphy of all Page 31 contemplation seed

Rebazar Tarzs took off his sandals and placed  them beside himself on the  riverbank.  Smiling, he looked across the broad waters at the gleaming riverpoint where a large bird fished.  The seeker followed his glance and took in all the summer beauty of the river, and the Kashmir hills beyond.

The Traveler said, “Your spirit bears a heavy load, O seeker.  Your conscience is deeply burdened.  Only I can relieve you.  Come and let me take your load!

“The worlds are sustained by my light and moved by my music. Man lives by the mercy of God’s word.  No creation of the light can exist except through the body of God.

“The Spiritual Traveler is like a tree with its branches.  The trunk represent the Traveler and the branches are his disciples.  A Master who is without disciples is the tree which has not branches, and there can hardly be any branches without the trunk of the tree.

“I cannot give my love to those with the fly-bitten mind.  When man is in the presence of those with such attitudes, he is bound fast to earthwise laws and codes that nothing to do with God.  The fly-bitten speak of God as if on intimate terms.  But that sincerity rings with false notes.  He desires to use God for his own selfishness, but alas, it is only a dream.


Being lost is worth the coming home.

Standing knee-deep in the blessings

I am losing the pain of the struggle.

The travail is being lifted

 my life is in a golden bubble.

How did I get to be so blessed?

How did I make it through?

How many hundred of life times

Have I been wandering closer to you?

I knew of your presence in snippets.

I hold those memories dear.

I always gave thanks for the rain clouds.

I knew one day I would cheer.

I knew one day I would be happy.

I knew one day I would be home…

Me the perpetual traveller 

Need never,  never more roam.

I have found the peace and contentment

I can now lift the gold cup

To the lips of the parched traveller

Who is just about to give up.

My home is a palace of beauty

A sanctuary of praise

I will keep the light in the window

For fellow travelers to find their ways.

And then the wind began to roar…..


At the time of great decisions

When feeling broken and alone;

I get upon Soul’s knees

I call heaven’s telephone.

I give thanks for my many blessings.

I give praise for the undying love.

I am open



For my answer from above.

Nothing happens.

Nothing changes.

So I get out my mop and shovel.

I give service to another

Whose life may be a hovel…

I let the love flow through me

To a Soul in great distress.

Forgetting about my situation

Just growing up a little I guess.

Then when I least expect it,

All the answers fall into place.

I feel the Sunlight of the Spirit

Glowing in my eyes, upon my face.

I dance among the moon beams.

I give thanks unto the Lord…

The Master of  my Ship.

The One who gives my life sweet accord.

In the Silences that follow

I give gratitude a home.

The tears of Joy are flowing

I know I am not alone.

And then the Wind began to roar…

I danced among the raindrops

Drifted now on the mighty breeze

I am grateful to my Master

Who gives my life a great big squeeze.

Gifts of the Beloved
Gifts of the Beloved

Birthdays all the strong women of my life share the same birthdays

Mother, grandmother, elder sister all had birthdays within days of each other….

The same great traits in the women of my life and that pattern is repeated over and over…

Great,  kind, loving dynamic women sharing the same birthday….

What a blessing to be surrounded by the mighty ones who come in modest clothing

With quiet voices, great talent , incredible messages  that ring through the ages….

They all sing the same tune with a varied pitch

They are the titans in my life

Who others consider bewitching

They have been there with me in the trenches

At the opera and down the aisle a time or two

I am so blessed to call you my sisters

You turn the darkest cloudiest day

Into the most wonderful hue.

There will be a time a space a moment

In  which I can properly express my praise

But in the meantime

I am wishing you each the  happiest of birthdays

Standing at the River….

Tonight we stand for Helen O. at the River  by request.

Author Leo  Basilica said it best

“No one should cry alone.

No one should die alone.”

We stand at the river

Not just for the one crossing

But for those who will be standing in grief and loss.

I, like you, have stood in that river….

Deciding whether to stay or go.

Before I found the Voice of the Creator within

I searched everywhere for the answers….

Everywhere but within.

In many faiths and many hours

We are directed by a Higher Power…

So dear hearts, please take the Creator’s hand

And give a round of applause in welcoming Helen O. home.

Beloved dear hearts, I thank you on behalf of the family for standing for them.

We stand for Helen O. by special request

Asking that the family is comforted and blessed.