Freedom lifts her head

and gentle nods her curls,

You have been released

and your heart can now unfurl.


Call of Soul Stranger by the River Contemplation Seed Page 16 -17


Was it thy thoughts

or imagination that made thee

always hear the beautiful melody?

 Some said that it was the call of Soul,

and at those times you were ready

to give up and make the sacrifice.

Until now you had not found the person

upon whose words you

could hang breathlessly,

or who gave thee that feeling

of such joy you felt

thy next breath would be the last,

and hoped that thou wouldst

die with an experience of sheer bliss. 

Then you came to me, and I will tell this.

I am thy self.

 My call is the thin, biting wind that blows

from the mountain  heights.

I am the agony of thy heart

when the beloved has turned from thee,  

and you struggle to regain

that precious moment again.

 I am the cry of the child in the lonely night

for its mother, and the loneliness of the aged. 

My call is that desire to find God.  

But once you find your true mate,

the counterpart of myself,

Holy Self, the desire is fulfilled,

 for then you have started

on the journey to God’s heights. 

Thou art fulfilling the great expectation of  Soul

that manifest in a  body on earth,

and that is through love.

For  love is the only and noblest

force in all the universes.

 By doing this you become the clay in my hands,

and this is known as surrender,

for I take the affairs of thy being

into my hands on every plane,

and this is in reality, my hands.

First, thou must be seized with  a terrible craving

to surrender thyself into my power.

|This must be such a great desire

that you cannot eat nor sleep for it.

 It  must be the craving

of a man starving for food,

or the man dying for thirst,

or he who is suffocating  for the want of air.

 It must be the only thing in thy thoughts.

What does thou care if thy body

is clothed with rags,

or thy stomach empty of food,

 if I have charge of thee, thy mind, and body?  

Thou must be emptied of everything

to give me thy love, and I then will give thee life. 

Thou has beaten thy head against the wall,

cried unbrokenly through the long nights,

pleaded with God to come;

but these all did not bring me to thee.

For only by surrender can

I come to take charge of thee. 

For I am God, thy Soul  and mind. 

The seeker listened in amazement.