Dedicated to Naresh Reddy Old woman’s message of Love

Hug it Out

LIFE is what you make of the breath you are given….

breathing in the air of those with whom you walking…

laughing with those with whom you walk …

.mostly it is dancing with all of them

 while worshiping with all of them at the altar of love.  (mhf) 

Photo by C. Ferris    left to right   Captain Craig Watson    mhf (FREE HUGS)   Fire Fighter Paramedic Wayne Stensrud.


Destination for love a true story

Cleaning and singing

To my bed I was not straying

How I worship while cleaning

I am really not saying.

My friends on facebook

were staying up very late

Or awakening early

…what is going on for goodness sake

I know it is the full moon

but why are so many of us so wide  awake

I took out the garbage in the middle of the night

I stood beneath the stars

No longer full of fight.

I was ready to surrender to whatever it must be .

My heart was restless

I phoned my friends we had planned a big day

I cannot go   At home I must stay

So I continued cleaning and singing

Sending love here and there at a glance…..

The moment ago I was so informed of a miracle

My heart it warmed

My old womans mind  said

Awh now I know   the love we were

send had a big place to go.


Folk or blues song?

Short sleep.

Up at dawn.

I awake

To find you gone.

It was a short time.

Such sweet bliss

I will boldly

ask you this.

This which  appears

to be a riddle

or a rhyme.

Were you ever

really here?

Were you ever

really mine?

I ask you this

Because you know

All you ever say 

Now  to me 


I have to go.

Flashing back

in memory dear

Our old song

does now appear:

Hello tiger.

This is the cat

I am purring again

Now why

did you do that?

Oh my tiger, 

I just don’t know

We should

But I have to go.

Now on padded paws 

I purr

and remember.

This remembrance

Makes one

question clear

What do I do

with this

heart ache dear?

My Inner Guide

does now appear.

“This unrequited love

Was just grist

for the mill

There is another

one  waiting  for you. 

One day when

the pain

from this

one is  gone and still.

One who sits

deeply softly 

Within your heart.

One who will not 

From you depart.

I wake up from  

the short-short  dream

I will look for days

To see what this 

Dream means.

The only assurance

The only brave space

Was that in the midst

of the turmoil

I saw the Master’s face. 

This is the song

that I choose  for Soul

Choose for the lessons

Choose for the goal.

Is  it folk

Or nearly  the  blues?

The only assurance

The only brave space

Was that in the midst

of the turmoil

I saw the Master’s face.