Nestling newness nuzzled the nowness

Opening occasions occupying 

passionate people purposely proposing

quiet questions quelled

Romantic restfulness returning

Searing Soul’s surface

Teaching tender testimonies

Under the  ubiquitous universes


Your youthful yearnings

Zealot Zone. 


One-ness of the one nest

Standing alone in the midnight

I have a heart full of blessings

With just one regret…

“I just have not met you yet.“

Rumi says (I paraphrase)

the beloved does not look nor search

for the lover

as they have always been

part of each other.  

You fill my daydreams as I do the dishes

You fill my head with romantic wishes

I know you…

You just have not met yourself

well enough to find me.

When you do come to me 

Your love it will  not blind  nor bind  me. 

Until then 

I am standing alone in the moonlight

Not even in my body anymore

I am not alone in the `inner-sense

`nor  my innocence“

Perhaps I do not want you to reach the shore. 

Perhaps I would rather hold you in my heart

Until I can hold you in my arms evermore.

My greatest blessing is in loving you.

I heartily recommend you do the same.

Love yourself until you have met yourself

The “shadow- sighed shadow side, 

 the poet, the mystic, the clown.

Own all your beauty..

then you need not come to me.

Then we will be one..again. 

SInging in the Woods to my Beloved on the Wind