George, the Cat dedicated to Suri and Irma

Dogsled team in Chatfield, Minnesota
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It was after supper

on a summers eve

I was recovering

thought I would look

forward  soon to walking outside

Perhaps around the block I thought with pride.

I thought and  stated to my family

It will come.

Then I spoke to my Inner Master,

the Guide of my life.

How long will I have to wait

to be strong enough.

The answer came….

Live in the moment

Act as if

(The healing was complete.)

I took my walker up the stairs

No easy chore.

Packed a note book with a pen.

I  proceeded out the door

for my walk.

A neighbours work vehicle

displayed the name FORK LIFT

A piece of machinery to lift

huge pieces of equipment.

I smiled and thought to myself.

The Master must have used

that to take my burdens.

The next ah ha moment

a woman on the

other side of the street was

Running to keep up with these

minature mobile rugs on long leaches.

We smiled at the display of  these tea cup

sized puppies running full speed.

She said if she had rollerskates,

they had so much heart

they probably could pull her like a dog sled

I continued on to the playground…..

Briefly had a visit there,

I better start to think

about walking all that way back.

There was motteled grey cat

in the next yard I saw,

Good evening I said to the grey cat….

Who  promptly walked away.

Then it happened

A large orange and white cat

started walking towards me.

It gimped along as I do.

My heart opened with understanding

I sang the HU

This was certainly one of the Mahanta

wild child

He walked with more determination

Coming closer he let me look into to his eyes

As I sang the HU more

I got a surprise

The cosmos, the Universe opened up

And danced with me.

The cat now close enough for me to pet

He turned his head with head.

He purred he rubbed his back by my walker

He could not get enough of this love

He purred so loud, what a talker.

We were having a Soul to Soul visit

He stopped all of sudden

I looked to see

What is it

The owner of the house

drove up in his big red truck

The cat stayed with me

I thought oh what luck

The man smiled and said

George you have a way with the ladies.

I told him thanks for sharing George with me.

He said take him home he is obviously yours

I said I could not do that

I can barely do my chores.

We laughed together and as I turned to go

George was walking with me

I thought oh no

I cant take him home except in my heart

I walked along with him

We did not want to part.

He walked with me now

Past a house or two

He wanted to keep his own home in view.

He had given me love at the end of a long day…

So I know Miss Irma when you speak of love

Of your beloved cat….

Oh, I know, yes I  now  know,

 what you mean by that.