The window of gratitude opens  to  us the heavens of God. Sri Harold Klemp, The Living Word, Book 1, p. 189 

Jasper Alberta  Canada           Satsang        photo Imagine  Ferris 

The narrow way

Is brilliantly lit

With the Light and Sound of God.

The Master has opened 

With love and patience

The hearts of the travellers

With whom I trod.

We carry within us 

The seeds of Love

That will scatter

Along the way.

The ground is ready

Open to receive

A Kiss from the Master

To those who long to believe.

Singing the sacred Sound

Reminds Soul 

Where you walk is holy ground.

The sweet smell of roses

More secrets discloses.

I arise to serve and love

Giving gratitude

Within and without

Knowing now this is the  key

To keeping the footsteps 

Steady  and without doubt.