Blessings abound

From the glorious Sound…

to the Light in the

great beautiful puffy

white clouds in the sky.

The Love is apparent

As I feel the torrent 

Of  Joy which seldom subsides.

Your laughter echoes

in my brain

Your love of music

will always remain.

I want you .

I need you.

I love you. 

You said to me

I was the traveler

I had to be free.

Your love echoes back to me

In the poetry of others

In meals by the water side

as I bask in the blessings of 

The Light and Sound

from Loves’ greatest traveler.

Living alone

never quite feeling alone.

The love of many lifetimes

sits  quietly with me

As I do the dishes , make the bed

do the windows and the floors.

I have taken  the garbage  out

of my being and my home

I loved you then

Very deeply

I always will

I am joyous

 I met you loved you

I still Journey on.

I had my travels and travails

I am that loving  part of you

You see reflected

back in the eyes of other women.


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