Before the


Before the


Before the


Is the


A cloud that holds the shape of your dreams.

A nudge that stirs Soul.

The Sound of the wind in the trees.

A flower radiating in the sun.

The renewal of a mountain showers.

A giggle from a child.

A haunting Sound that calls to you.

The soft glow of the setting sun.

The cooling breeze on your brow.

The taste of cooking like your Mother’s.

A greeting from the Traveler.

A dream that brings you to Source.

Watching a shooting star or lightning storm.

Decorating your home for holidays.

Cleaning for company.

Taking a walk on the Inner.

The sweet smell of roses, lilacs and magnolias…all at the same time.

A sharing with your Beloved.

Watching a lighted candle until you become one with the flame.

Sitting in the Presence in Silence.

Giving a gift anonymously.

All moments of beckoning.