Clan Gathering on Mother’s Day



Medicine Hat Teepee
Medicine Hat Teepee (Photo credit: Just a Prairie Boy)


Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz (Photo credit: alejandro_s_l)


The women of my clan who fill my life and  to the wondrous women in my family.



The maroon hat wearing bellying dancer in Santa Cruz.


The kunluni dancer in the Mayan forest.


The fisher woman now climbing towers and working working wicked hours….on  rig near Red Deer.


The healer on her Journey to Saskatchewan.


The songstress in Rhode Island…who sings even when her throat is gone.


The loving caring Mother of All in Oregeon…..


The kind wee loving cat lady in Medicine Hat


The warrior woman in L’stke fighting for her family and all her relations


The poetess in Zeeland


The wee newfie stuck in Grande Prairie…longing to see the Rock soon


The fairie woman who gives love to all in her daily grind in Lethbridge


The silver throated Scots living in the seniors home


The young mother struggling with her family thinking she is all alone…..


These are some of my clan……


Who fill my life on Mothers Day.





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