Rise up

Rise up.

The flower stretches

 into the great beyond.

 No longer  stuck in dirt.

Now  with  the  courage to go on.

Rise up.

Follow the  courage

of the flower

 in  knowing

 there is always something more.

Knowing  the  Sunshine

without having  seen it since last season.

Knowing   the  Sunlight of the Spirit 

down into its very core. 

It just knows

without a  rhyme nor reason.  

Rise up.

Winters lessons

were unique.  

The love you

have been giving

is just a peek.

Rise up.

Now  is time to take  that love

you have been  given

 into the highways, 

 into the market place,

unto   the very street.

Rise up.

There are those

who have heard

the Master`s call

They need you out there with them.

Rise up.

There are Souls to greet. 

Rise up.

From your solitude,

 your quiet mediation.

 Now it is the time

to lead the  Dance of Soul

Now is  the  time for  dedication. 

Rise up.

Rise up.