The last post


Thinking of the last post

some big ones come to mind:

The last post

in an eight mile stretch

The last post

before the garden gate

The last post

to be lit by the old lamp lighter.

What IF  this were to be my last post.

The last thing I ever wrote.

So what if this is my last post

How could I best serve as a writer

Would the over coming

struggles stories be my last post

Would the loving presence

of the Master be detailed as my everlasting Host.

Or would I be knowing

that this was the last post

When does one prepare for the great last post

Will my heart be open and loving

Will I be thinking of loved ones left behind

Will I be prepared to go

By living well enough

Strong enough

in my curiosity

To always

stay open

loving and kind.


One thought on “The last post

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