Women of the Caravan

North Carolina Transportation Museum
Image via Wikipedia
A replica of one of the original covered wagon...
Image via Wikipedia

I scried a tear

You wiped it dry

I stood alone

(Or so I thought)

Until you brought me the handkerchief

On which the tear was caught.

I screamed to the highest heavens

You heard my call.

You listened and comforted me

Showed me the path to surrender.

You folded a blanket of stars about me

You told me of colours you could not see.

You listened late into the night

You were waiting beside my bed

For  the morning to  set things right.


You opened my eyes

By giving me Voice

Stilled my tongue till

I could make a choice.

(Stay stuck in my comfort zone or

Learn to love and then rejoice.)

The colours of the rainbow

Danced across your eyes

I knew you were an artist

I had a wee reprieve

The way you presented beauty

Gave me heart to again believe.

You showed me  your Visionimg_02591

Asked me to participate and serve.

I sit listening to the Wind

(Which once sent shivers through my bones)

I hear your Voice on the Wind.

It sings freedom, adventure and enduring love.

I throw my head back and laugh

With the Women of the Caravan.


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