The garden of love

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Love for Arts
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I took  You

into  the garden.

I talked to  You

on the great wooden swing.

I heard You in the robins song.

Entrance pathway to Rose Garden, Temple of Love
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In the laughter of the magpie as he sang along

I saw You in the freedom of the butterfly

The scent on the breeze filled this heart of mine

As I felt Your presence beneath the shelter of the pine

I acknowledged the gift of living in beauty and joy

I give my will to You, Creator of all

Now sitting in silence to hear Spirit’s sweet call.


Just ask

just watching as the words appear from within my very heart

wishing you the peacefulness for yourself  you to me have imparted

lifting the burden of your grief and pain is a joy from one friend to another

the laughter will come when you are ready

in the meantime let unconditional love hold you steady

when it is time to talk you will sit among friends

be soothed by listening hugs   for you my sister  and my brother

Song of Soul

Fill up my day with laughter

Fill up my day with song

Fill me with Divine  love for others

In  service  to  pass it along.

Oftimes my loved ones are hurting

Oftimes they are filled with care

Fill Soul with the Sunlight of Spirit

Their burdens we will  gladly share.

Fill up their day with blessings.

Fill up their day with Song.

Fill them and keep them

Till they can again sing along.