Across the Bridge from Home

I see you standing watching your reflection in the water

I sense your sadness and deliberation

Do you know I am standing here waiting

For you to look up and see me

Are you going to jump and ease the pain

Are you going to take the chance to live  again.

Are you aware that your decision is yours alone

I will always be here waiting for you

Across the bridge from Home.


Its the Monday Morning of My Life

I have had all dancing,

the ballroom romancing

Any woman could afford.

Now I have found you

Your love surrounds me

Your Spirit brightens my day.

All of the music

in all of the songs

Fill my very being

as my heart sings along.

Its the Monday morning of my life…

I will serve with love

From the Master above

Until I see His face.

I have no regrets

Placing no more side bets

Just filling my life

with service and joy.

Sending this love

Off to you.

Guest Author – Tryphena Louise Williams – Divine Love

When we become so infused, consumed with/by love there is a shift in consciousness from its all about me, to how about you. We open our hearts to giving to love, as love opens its heart to giving love to us. There is this amazing exchange …of love that moves mountains, causes rivers to flow freely. Love brings such joy and happiness into the world around you. Loving life becomes our life, it changes everything it touches in our lives. We are of it and it is of us …
True love, Divine Love, can never be parted from its source of love, any feelings of separation is nothing more or less than a deep, self created mind illusion.