The learning Curve

From the

moment of  Joy

When your feet hit the floor;

To the quiet of midnight

When Spirit closes the Day

(On the hurry,

the rush and the daily grind)

Taking you Home to the Narrow Way

Leaving the Past far behind.

Strenghtening  Your  footsteps

 as You  climb up the stairs

 Soul listens to the Master

 while singing the HU

(An ancient prayer)

The Lessons of loving, laughter of  living are

Making us more aware

 within and without

More gentle

 more kind and  more forgiving.

Surrender, gratitude.  loving patience  release all the doubt.

The learning Curve keeps right on teaching

Until Journey’s end you are reaching.

Embraced by Master

You  hear his sweet Voice

“Welcome Home Friend.”

You have made the right Choice.

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