It was a waking dream. I would be the only one to speak for Mother Earth. I had a camera, a burning ache in my heart and a mission that I thought I had not asked for.

I was embraced by Mother Earth. She wanted me to sing her song loud and clear. I was to provide her a Voice. A “spiritual wake up call” for her children before the politicians and Industry stole the last of her beauty.
Where would I begin? How would I carry such a message?
Where there others “who knew”?

I began this Journey overwhelmed by the responsiblity and accepted it as my own personal Journey.
Often, the light grew dim and I did not capture what I wanted. Other times, folks who carried the message as well had been delayed in the meetings.

Where would I find the patience when I myself was impatient and thought I could already be too late.
I began, where I was and did the next right thing. I opened my camera, my heart and Soul.
I followed Mother Earth’s pleadings. I continued on when the path was narrow.
Then I found you.

Those who “got it”. Those who cared and those who gathered others to share the load.
At times, I felt alone and abandoned not realizing you were following the Voice of Mother Earth that day.
I felt guilty if I relaxed even for a moment…..”There IS so much to be done”…my impatient spirit screamed.

This installation is the beginning. This is the result of my spiritual wake up call.
I invite you to observe, absorb and abstain from continuing the wreckage of our past.
Sit, listen, and behind all the voices, images, and sounds….allow Mother Earth to speak to you.

What action you take is your Journey.
Thanks for joining me on mine.