The painting -Esquao


Photo by Olivia Kachman  (Visual Cocktail) Right to left

Carman Haakstad, Benita Galandy, ESQUAO the SEEKER, and Mary Helen Ferris

There she stands in our living room

Turning the corner into a concert hall.

The song that eminates from her

Matches  Soul’s song within.

She will soon have a new home

If a ticket you select

She will always stand guard over us

She lives in our hearts I suspect.

How often in life

Does one perceive

An object or painting

That  speaks, “Believe.”

More than that I hear it say

“Service to the Creator

Is why I have passed your way.”

So if/when the painting has to move on

From our hearts she will never be gone.

Should you graze upon her

Your heart it will embrace.

The beauty will astound you

Take you to another place.


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