The story of radishes in my life


While preparing radishes for a summer salad 

 I recalled weeding them as a child.  

More radishes went in my mouth than weeds into the pile.

When it was dinnertime, Granny would have a lovely array

 of sliced radishes in vinegar but I was full.

I remember years later, planting the tiny seeds 

startled  at how fast they grew.

I watched a master chef turn them into radish roses

for a buffet, in Waterton Lakes National Park.

In a gourmet grocery they had radish sprouts for salads

Amazing how one little seed can spring forth

to become such a varied life source.

It is the same with thoughts.

We think we are just thinking, however,  it can manifest

 into the blessing we were sending another.

When  loved ones are thinking of us. We are with them.

When we are thinking of them.  They are with us, here,

 In the garden weeding the radishes of our minds.

Now  I sit in the moonlight knowing how communication

 and communion with loved ones is so precious.

Just those tiny seeds in our life, like radishes to spice up a salad.

 Our loved ones are important .In my life, I have offered more weeds

than radishes to those I love.What can be done now?  Perhaps I can share

 these thoughts about radishes give this little story with others that they can

 give more radishes, more Love,than weeds, to their life and loved ones.

Perhaps it will heal as I send moonlight, radishes, love and blessings to you.


-MaryHelen Ferris July 21st 2005