It must be great to be God


Photo credit  Sonny Galea   Wild Wilderness Photography     Grande Prairiie AB

The young street woman was angry.

She cried to her God….

“It must be great

to get to be God.”

She paused and thought for a moment…

the anger subsided.

Then she spoke…..

“Think of all the love you

had to give

to get to be God.

All the countless stars

across the velvet sky.

All the hundred scholars

who taught us to ask why.

All the blades of grass.

All the kinds of trees.

All the greens of spring.

All the whites of winter.

All the purples of the dessert.

All the browns of fall.

All the myriad colours.

All the animals and birds.

All the creatures of ground.

All the beauty of this place.

All the joy and laughter

All your love and grace.

All the music and art.

All the Light and Sound.

I want to thank you dear God

For your love

It  has no bounds.

Thank you for my anger.

As it lead me home to thee.

I need to be in the forest.

I need to hug a tree.

Bye, God.

Thanks for the lesson.

Can I come see you again?


The Joy of the Morning

Oh the Joy of the Mornings

As our Son danced with me.

He moved always like a feather.

He spoke of the Creator.

He loved the dance

the music of my country.

He pleased his father,

my husband.

I could not please him.

I only blushed.

So I danced with our son.

Until I could dance no more.

When I was young,

I danced.

I had long giggling curls

that danced out of my babushka

as I danced.

Oh how I danced.

I danced to at first to please my feet

Then to please my Papa.

I was Anastasia then.

Then I danced with others.

The Father’s came to watch us dance.

They congratulated themselves

on their choice of daughters.

One who danced with his eyes

Asked for my hand.

He took me.

From my music,

my dancing

my country.

He called me “Ann”

“Ann, get the cart.

Ann, hold the ox,

Ann, hold the light.

Ann, good night.”

He only worked.

Never once did he think of the music.

Never once did he thing  of the dance.

Oh the Joy of the morning as I danced

With our son…

He moved always like a feather.

-except from “Baba” a play by mhf

Let me serve

Today, may I, dear Master::

serve with love

serve with purpose

stay in the

moment of surrender.

Treat all with your love.

Smile with your grace

May I serve dear Master

With .a smile of

love on my face.

May my eyes

reflect your wondrous peace

May my heart

be open by listening

for another Soul’s release.

May I stand in the gap

for my brother so bold

who in practicing

freedom sleeps in the cold.

May I practice your prescence

in all I do and say.

May I act with love.

May you have your own way, dear Master.

Let me serve.

Just for today.

How may I serve you today? (with the Artistry of Colin Hall)


I have a friend who prays

May I serve one addict today.

There is another who leads

With her chin

Just keeps on going,

Facing the world with a grin.

I will sing your praise

To all that I greet.

I will mix in laughter.

Give a hug on the street.

Give a smile to my neighbour.

I won’t mind if she nags.

Listen to a great-grandmother

Look at the wonderful pictures

As she brags.

I can serve you

Through the eyes of your child

I will give praise by being in the moment.

I will do the next right thing.

I will get out of self

Into serving the other.

Showing you I am willing

To learn and recover.

May I keep my heart

Open to hear your Voice.

May I always be willing.

May I always rejoice.

May I see your beauty

In every tree and rock.

May I be full of acceptance

For each step that I walk.

May I be mindful

Of the blessings given me.

May I be hearing your Voice

When another needs to talk.

This will be my mantra

As I go on my way

May I practice your presence

Throughout this Day.


Dedication of my day…Third Step Prayer in my Meditation


Photo by Olivia Kachman- Visual Ccocktail – Grande Prairie  Oct 20, 2008

May I serve

as  I make a conscious choice.

May I  surrender

and listen to your Voice.

May I dedicate

each step I take to being in your service.

May I speak

my truth honestly…no more being nervous.

May I see

your beauty hiding behind and through every smile.

May I open my heart

as I travel each and every mile.

May I  listen

always to your Will in my life.

May I always rejoice.

May I always be listening

surrendered to your Voice.

May I be grateful

for all your blessings.

May have acceptance. more second guessing.

(As I look at the trees all covered with frost

My heart goes out to those lonely and lost.)

May I give

of my pittance.

May I share

it with joy.

May I do your will .

May I throw

my perceive troubles over the hill.

I ask these things Master

On Soul’s bended knee.

May I today

be more like Thee.

The dream catcher from the youth

The dream catcher from the youth

….it has thrilled me and that is the truth.

In actual fact it is very pleasing to me.

It has all the colours of my

beaded window and sparkles back at me.

I love the thoughtfulness of this wonderful gift.

It gifts my heart and spirit a life.

I love it for not only the fact it was given…

I love it because it gives purpose to my living.