The Hue and Cry of the North

Dunvegan Bridge
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The mystical


of a northern sunset

the cry of wolf

are two

 subtle influences

in the

 heart of the Peace.

You can see

it in the art.

You can hear

it in the music.

The heartbeat of industry

bleats along.

At the end

of the day

the lingering sunsets

give a time

for reflection

on the beauty

of the North.

Many artists,

and  artisans

transcribe this

beauty into their craft.

You will find

no other tones

and hues

any place on earth.

The waters

of the Peace

are said

to have

mystical powers.

It is said

if you drink

of the water

of the Peace..

you will return.

The art

of the Peace

is a call

to return home.


to the subtle


 the teaching cry

of the wolf

now muffled

by the traffic.

An explanation


be from the

people of the land.

The North

is the place of wisdom.

The stories

of the Elders

are told in Art now.

Come home

to the North.

Find the Art

that reflects

your heartbeat.

It is here

on these pages…

it is here

in the heart

of the writer.





Photo by Olivia Kachman  at Carmen Haakstad’s  Dominio II Show Opening  Unique Gallery, Oct 30/08

Right to Left:

Carmen Haakstad, Benita Galandy, (Elder’s Shelter Manager) ” Esquao the Seeker”  and MaryHelen Ferris. ” Esquao the Seeker” was donated to the Elder’s Caring Shelter as a donation for a raffle to raise awareness about the Elder’s Caring Shelter and funds for food and utilies.


Esquao has many meanings. The ancients said “The woman who leads.”

In Cree, it means lady.

The Sioux transcribe it as beautiful woman.

Other dialects, it means mother. Perhaps directing us to Mother Earth.

To Carmen Haakstad it was a tribute to Aborginal Women and their contribution to the community. He reflected it best in his painting Esquao the Seeker. It is his latest in a body of work in the Seeker series.

He tells us of the Seeker in an article which follows:

The Seeker’s Journey – Guest – Author -Carmen Haakstad

October 15, 2008 by greatpoetrymhf | Edit

The Seeker explores, she ponders, she is in constant wonderment. She seeks knowledge. She learns from her mistakes and her loss of loved ones and she sometimes learns from her successes.

The mystery of the journey continues to unfold.  The grain of her soul is becoming exposed.

The mystique of the things that cannot be measured are truly the Seeker’s joy she prays to find.  The sublime intrigues through sight, sound and thought she engages.  Through taste she is refueled and is reminded of the days gone by through scents that recall some joys of childhood. She tries to remain grounded with her feet firmly planted – however, her thoughts are not.

She listens to the stories that radiate through the world by modern devices that can send instant messages to all fellow Seekers. She is mused but not totally convinced of its truth; it is a tapestry – it must be revealed.

The Seeker ponders when it will end – the games of trying to outwit the enemy.  Only the higher Seeker of our universe knows, so she tires to engage the higher source to help her fellow Seekers follow the path of love – not war.

The Seeker cries out, she is stripped to the grain – prepared for the rain and the clouds brood and the storm lurks.  She stands tall, holds onto her faith.  The Seeker knows that soon the light and warmth of the sun will replace the darkness.  The beauty surrounds her.  She ponders, she looks, smells tastes, touches and listens.

The journey is short.  It is later than we think – so she holds on, she prays for hope, her faith keeps her strong as she continues her journey not knowing if it will be short or maybe long.

 Carmen Haakstad 2005

as published in Summer Slam 2005 July 14 – 17, 2005 South Bear Creek Park  Grande Prairie Alberta