Saturdays I miss Mom the most


Photo courtesy Thomas Quantz    Thanksgiving 2007      Calgary     My last visit with Mother on Earth

I could see forever in your eyes Mother.

You sense of humour was amazing.

It probably still is.

Saturdays I miss you the most.

I will feel your love on the breeze.

Often when I go for long walks

I remember the forest

Our special talks.

On Saturday evenings we would spend time on the phone.

Your laughter filled my heart.

I was never alone because you were near.

I am now not alone because it is clear

All that your taught me

I am finding it is true.

I just reach for the Master’s hand

When I am feeling blue.

The cook made wonderful cinnamon rolls.

The smell of them took me home to you.

I remember, once in particular,  on the ranch

You had a large pot of beans in the oven

Some cinnamon buns spoke of your loving.

It is seven months ago you went to the Master.

I am not finding my days…especially

Saturdays go very much faster.

The grieving is natural.

I need to practice your presence more.

I think I will come visit you in the dreamscape.

You on that far distant shore.

Last month when your anniversay day came around

I was lost.

I went to sleep early.

I had a large new mirror by my bed.

I looked and I saw your reflection instead.

What an honour.

How wonderful it would be

When I truly find the gracious qualities of Mother in me.

On Saturdays or any day

I want to honour your love with my life.



Prayer from the forest floor

img_0245Photo by Sonny Galea    Jasper National Park Canada Sept 1, 2008

Master, help me take it in stride…

Some of the loneliness

That I want to  hide.

When I do not have enough courage

To speak my mind

Help me to make good choices.

Let me know

it is just a balancing act

Let me deal with it with  love

Help me to “shift gears”

Until the LIght

and Sound appears.

Help me continue to listen

To your voice in the night.

To be open,

To be kind,

To choose what is right.

I do not have to respond

To the vicious attacks

Perhaps your gentleness

Is what the situation lacks….

Let me return

to that bright summer day.

When all I needed

was some time away.

To be with my

thoughts and memories

Clearing my mind

of the thoughts of home.

Missing my departed parents…

Finding them there on the forest floor.

Wanting to embrace them

Just once more.

“Master, help me take it in stride

The fact that my parents have died.

Help me to look at the fact they have “translated”

Then my life will feel more elated.

They taught me well

How to manage alone.

They always enjoyed

Our conversations

on the phone.

Help me to connect

with them with the love

That they are sending

to me from above.

Teach me this silence

Teach me to pray

Teach me to listen

Teach me to serve you always.”

This is my prayer from my broken spirit

I am relying on the fact that you hear it.

“Help me to make choices.

Help me to serve

with love.

Help me to listen

with compassion.

Help me to

always look

with the eyes of gratitude

Help me to be a co-worker with God.”

Dear Master, help me take it in stride…

I now surrender this attitude.

Teach me this silence.

Teach me to pray.

Teach me to see your

Beauty each day.”

It has been a good walk in the forest.

It is a good start to my day.

“Thank you dear Master

For showing the way.

Teach me this silence.

Teach me to pray.”