Photo – Sonny Galea  Wild Wilderness Photography   Grande Prairie AB Canada

Bless my Soul

It is worship service again.

My whole life is worship,

service and love.

At times it does not

 appear that way to others.

But it does to the 

 woman in the mirror.

It does to the

Master within.

I enjoy quiet walks in nature.

I love a bubbling stream.

I enjoy big crowds

watching the fireworks.

I relish a garden moment.

I enjoy being in love.

I find myself best in trees.

I love the ocean’s breeze.

Where I am most at peace

Is often in the shower.

I let the streams of love

wash over me.

I release the pain and strife.

I forget about everything

in that moment.

I just enjoy my life.

BLess my Soul

It is worship

service time again.

I just love it.