Good gracious, look at the time

Good gracious, look at the time.

Look at the season, look at the rhyme.

There are times in the year when my life seems out of tune…

But, not right now, as the holidays are  either here or  coming soon.

I have moments of discovery when I toss my head and rejoice.

I have moments full of pain and doubt when I cannot find my Voice.

I forget my spiritual exercises when I am all tied up in my rut.

I forget to be grateful and I am unsure sitting on my butt.

Then comes this time of great renewal the Eckankar New Year…

I fill my boots with joy and love.

I toss my head and laugh.

I learn to re-live in the moment.

I learn to be my own epitaph

I long to be a livng reminder of the love that is given me.

To be a mirror of your beauty “from sea to shining sea”.

I want to walk again in the forests of all the worlds I know.

I long to sit here and tell you but my dear I have to go.

Good gracious, look at the time

I am off to be living poetry:

To spare that traveler a dime,

To give that couple struggling a little bit of joy,

To give a hug to the stranger,

To give love without alloy.

I long to sit and look in your eyes and go to the majestic place.

But I will instead grab my coat and lunch bucket and get back into the race.

Good gracious, look at the time…

I need to go to work and serve

To live this life sublime.


The Wind of Change

The Wind of Change is blowing

Setting the bonded free.

Taking the heavy burdens

Tossing them in the Sea.

The sea is actually an Ocean

Full of Love and Mercy flowing.

Photo by MaryHelen Ferris with Sonny Galea Jasper National Park Sept 1, 2008

The abundance is in the knowing.

It sets the captive free.

The winds of change are coming

Blowing away the pain.

They will be, oh so welcome

As a soft release again.

Your destiny is in laughter.

The joy is in the giving.

The forgiving is the blessing.

The abundance in the living.