Thanks God for your mercy

Photo by MaryHelen Ferris watching the seeker watching the beauty

at Jasper National Park    Canada    Sept 1/2008   image of seeker is

Sonny G.

Thank you God for your mercy.

Thanks for loving me back home.

Thanks for giving me this second chance.

Thanks for your love and your mercy

It flows to me in all things.

It cleanses me.

It renews me.

It helps my heart to sing.

I have so many blessings.

I have such a great love life.

I have such a love of life.

I will allow the Tsunami of Spirit wash away

This dis-ease and strife.

I struggled with surrender.

I did not want to follow your plan.

Then you showed me where my choices could take me

This sacred place

In the palm of your hand.

It says in many wise books

“He hides me under the shelter of his wings”.

On eagles wings my heart does sing.

I am washed in the Ocean full of Love and mercy

I am cleansed.

I am made whole.

I am now in surrender.

I am the Master’s precious Soul.


God’s love is too too wondrous

The Master’s love is wondrous

It is so wonderful to see.

He paints the stars on a velvet sky.

He holds the addict in his hands.

He judges not a one of us.

He sustains and helps us stand.

The love and understanding

That he gives to us each hour

Helps me to believe

The love of my Higher Power.

My Darling Mr Serenity did not die

Oh my darling Mr Serenity

I am glad you made it home.

I am glad you did not die in your dis-ease.

I am glad you are no longer alone.

I am sorry for the sorrow.

I am sad you had to face

The destructive nature of our dis-ease.

I am glad you found God’s grace.

To my loving Master

Thanks for guiding him home.

What a hell of a message you carry now.

Now that you are not in the mess.

I love you My darling Mr. Serenity.

You are no longer walking alone.

Your good ole NA auntie

will be with you every step of the way.

You have given me this love to share.

You parked it deep in my heart.

What an honour it is to see you making

This wonderful brand new start.