Mother’s Birthday Card (Departed Parent)

A red rose is often used as a symbol of social...
A red rose is often used as a symbol of social democracy, mostly adopted in the period after World War II. Tament Library: About Our Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Good Morning, Mama.
A birthday in heaven, oh my!
Do you have moonbeams
fluffy clouds to entertain
you in your quiet time?
Do you know when surrounded there
with the Love of the Master
how much love you gave
in your latest lifetime here?
Do you have any idea how I
can make it through today?
I must.
I trust.
I never thought one person could create such a void.
But, then again, I never could be close enough to tend
To your needs in the closing years.
However, our Thanksgiving last year was very special.
I embrace those moments.

I look forward to embracing you
Very soon
I am sad.
I am learning to grieve.
I know you are finally safe from the storm….
However, knowing you, you are probably

planning your next adventure here.
I want you to enjoy yourself
now in that sacred place.
May the love of my childhood

And your caring loving ways
sustain my siblings and me

While we walk through the tears.
Don’t get me wrong now.
I want you to know
I see your beauty whereever I go.
Your joy and your laughter
I hear in the rain.
But, honestly, Mother

I want to see you again.

Did you get your single rose today?



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