The breeze is full of your Love

The breeze is full of your Love.

I am hurrying and scurryng

Not allowing my self time to feel.

The preparing of the garden,

The raking of the lawn

Picking out the new blooms this year….

Makes your passing less real.

It tears at me that you are gone.

I focus my attention

On the task in front of me

I ask for love to cool my brow

I miss you so much in the garden.

I miss you so much now.

I miss you desperately.

I dry my tears

Get back to work

I hear the distant train.

“I love you my dear daughter

Here is a kiss upon the breeze.

Know that the garden is lovely

Give the other children a squeeze.

Tell them that I am healing here

I am sitting in the sun

I am basking in the Sunlight of the Spirit

I have my tea and sing my song.

I am so blessed

To have stood the test

It really is such fun

To actualize Soul’s desire

Reflected in God’s Holy Fire.”

I shake my head

For I heard the words

Spoken clearly in my heart.

I place the rake, hoe and the gloves

Give my back a stretch…..

In that moment

I receive

Your Love upon the breeze.

Thanks Mom

You always knew what I needed.

Thanks for the breeze.

Thanks for teaching me

God’s love was always

Waiting in the garden.

As I child,

It drove me wild

When you would send me out to weed.

I never knew at the time

That I was also takingĀ out the weeds

Out of the garden of my heart.

I stand now my arms outstretched

Surrendered to the song of the Wind….

“Your Mother is always with you when you

Remember the lessons she taught.”

I walk in peace

Now less distraught

Thankful for the hug in the Wind.