I did not “right” today

There are times when I do not write.

There are times when I fight for the right.

There are times when I just sit and pray.

There are times when I am too tired to fight.

So, forgive me, if you pass my way

When you observe that I am not full of might.

I often now, just let it be.

I often now, do not make thiings “right”

I am often now

Just walking away.

Do not take this as a sign of weakness.

Do not fill me with your scorn.

Just know that finally, I am so glad to be born.

I am glad I know of freedom.

I am glad I know of grace.

So, please, if you must

Be told very clear….

Do not bring your garbage near.

I did not “right” today.

However, if I am forced to

I will send all your venom back to you.

So be careful on whom you spew.

I still can right today.

I just prefer not too.

Blessings to you.

I guess that’s it.

Now you have a choice.

Be kinder, be more pleasant

Be a good neighbour too.

Or all the unkind things you do

Will come rushing back at you.

Take my word

I know it is true.

There is a lot to love about you.

I love your spirit.

I love your voice.

So drop your hatred.

It is your choice.

Please, do not force me out of my shell.

Do not include me in your living hell.

I stand for my beliefs.

I stand for the rights of the wounded and small.

I will not stand for your cruel gossip today.

So in closing

Hear me say…

I did not stand for the “right” today.

But believe me…if you force me to

I will.



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