Why pick the jerk?

"Trees are the earth's endless effort to ...
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Why does the talented vibrant woman
pick the jerk?

Could it be he is compassionate when there is no audience?

Could it be he is Mr Right?

Could it be he is “Mr-Right-Now?

There are many reasons to pick the jerk

I used them all.

I allowed myself to be used by them.

I value myself today.

I was a jerk to myself to not adhere to the warnings.
I was so busy enjoying the warmings.

Now,it is a narrower path…more serene…sometimes filled with memories of the jerk.

Perhaps, I picked them for the adventure.

Perhaps, I will open my eyes instead of my thighs next time.

Or perhaps I have learned the lessons.
Now, I can stand alone with the Creator.
Now, I can stand up for myself.
Now, I can be alone with the Alone.

I will continue my affair with all of life…
All my life.

I will take the risk.
I will believe in romance.
I will pick the jerk.
Given half the chance…
Oh, being a crone is a marvelous time.
There are lessons to learn.
All of them mine.